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Located about two hours north-east of Toronto, in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes region, is our new property Saddlegait, which we Our piece of paradise acquired and moved to in November, 2010. This 180 acre farm is home to Rocky Mountain Farm and is where we breed and train our Rocky and Kentucky Mountain horses. The farm has access to hundreds of acres and miles of scenic trails for pleasure riding and training here and on neighbouring properties. Lightly travelled country roads are available and we’re only minutes from the Victoria Rail Trail that leads north to Kinmount or south to Fenelon Falls.
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Each spring the new foals arrive. There's usually between five to eight babies, depending on the year, some which will be sold as weanlings. The balance are kept and trained under saddle, generally being offered for sale as three year-olds. The Rocky Mountain Horse is very hardy. They foal on pasture and live outside all year. They are also fed outside in winter from round bale feeders and very seldom make use of the run shelters available to them, even in a driving snow storm with temperatures around zero. All the horses vision status is guaranteed.

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Rocky Mountain Farm,
Fenelon Falls,
Ontario, Canada
K0M 1N0

You can call us at... (705) 887-1327 ...... for directions.


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