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You are welcome and encouraged to come visit and see the horses.  We've had over 180 babies born here at the farm in the past twenty years and have started over half of those under saddle.  Many that we've started are the mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers of those that we have for sale, so we can often offer references from previous purchasers and videos of members of the family of any horse that you might be interested in.  Having the experience of working with family groups of our horses helps us to match a prospective buyer with an appropriate riding horse.  We can confidently predict size and temperament of a young horse to make sure it will be suitable for it's new owner.

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Weanlings - weanlings pictures are located here


Whisky, born June 2017. Sire is Robyn and Dam is Piper.


Saddlegait’s Boy Wonder (Robin).  Robin is a 5 year old black gelding, son of our mare Melissa (daughter of Dock) and grandson of Tim’s Choco and our mare, Samantha.  With this boy’s good looks, wonderful temperament and smooth gait he could be stallion material – wait a minute – he was our stallion!  We made the hard decision to give up breeding (it’s for the younger folks) and gelded Robin in the spring of 2018 after one breeding season.  Robin is back out on the trails and doing great.  Ever the very quiet boy, his great gait and non-spook attitude make him a wonderful riding gelding.  Standing 14.3hh he is sturdy with the thickest legs I’ve ever seen on a RMH.  Robin has been ridden extensively around here on our trails and down our road past cars, dogs and many ATV’s.  We’ve ridden across the highway to the river road and rail trail and he takes it all in stride.  Robin is a beautiful black that doesn’t fade with flashy white socks.


Havenwood’s Bella is a 12 year old Rocky Mountain mare registered and certified.  Bella was bred, born, trained with us and lives with us, but isn’t owned by us.  Her owner has two horses and finds she doesn’t have the time for two, so she’s offering the very experienced Bella for sale.  Bella is the ‘been there, done that’ horse.  Her owner had a campsite at the Sandaraska Park beside the Ganaraska Forest and would take Bella and her buddy to the Ganny where they would camp and ride for days.  The Ganaraska is a  large park just one hour south of us.  You can ride on sandy trails for days and never ride the same one twice.  There are a few cars on some major trails, but mostly ATV’s, motorbikes, bikes and horses.  Bella has seen them all!  Bella was trailered from her home, kept in a paddock and ridden for hours daily and then they’d go home again at the end of the stay.  Bella is now boarded here, at our farm, and besides trail riding around our farm, we have taken Bella across the highway to the old rail trail and ridden up to the next village.  These rides include going over a 50 foot long bridge over the Burnt River which is only big enough for ATV’s, at the most. Please contact us for some video of Bella under saddle.

Shawn Taylor

Shawn Taylor is a blue roan gelding born 2013. He is the son of our mare Shortcake and our stallion, Four Bits. Currently he is 14.1hh and should mature to be a little taller. Shawn has been ground-driven through our trails and has just been backed. He should be ready for a new owner later in the fall!


Coral is a lovely black mare. Born 2014, daughter of our buckskin mare, Sparkle (shown on the Front Cover of Horse Illustrated!) and our chocolate roan stallion, Four Bits. Coral is currently 14.2hh and should mature to be 14.3hh. Coral is under saddle and doing very well. She's got our challenging trails down pat! She rides out alone, or with a group and with our dog. Coral would be great as a trail horse or for a breeding program.


Chocolate roan filly born 2015. Daughter of our black mare Samantha and chocolate roan stallion, Four Bits.


Cherie is a beautiful, dark chocolate filly born in 2014 and currently stands at 14.2hh and should mature to be 15 hh. Cherie is the daughter of our buckskin mare Piper and chocolate roan stallion, Four Bits and she is the granddaughter of our mare, Northern Snowflake (Bunny) and our black stallion, Tim’s Choco. Cherie has started her under saddle training and will be ridden lightly on our trails through the winter. She could be ready to hit the trails with you next spring!


Barnaby is a chocolate gelding born 2015 and he's already 15hh at 2 years old! He's the son of our black mare, Sweet Morning's Magnolia and our chocolate roan stallion, Four Bits. Very friendly and easy going.


Schroeder is a blue roan gelding born 2013. He is the son of our mare, Samantha and our stallion, Four Bits. Currently he stands at 14.2hh and should mature to be 14.3hh. Schroeder was backed at the beginning of the summer and we've been riding the roads and trails around our farm. He comes from a family known for being smart and friendly and he's no exception. Schroeder will ride alone or with others. He's been ridden down the road and have ATV's and cars pass him with no trouble.


This truly special mare is the last of our 'Bunny's babies'. Not only is Preslie a pretty girl with her unique buckskin roan colouring and her pretty head and solid body, she's extremely friendly, curious and sensible. Preslie has been started under saddle and is starting on the trails. Her first time out she walked through knee deep water with a frozen crust on top! Preslie loves to stop at the water and puddles to stick her nose in for a drink or just to investigate. She has steep competition for being the first to come and see you in the field, with her sisters Cherie and Coral, but if she spots you, she's on her way. Currently Preslie is 14.2-14.3hh.


Storm Chaser (Chase) is a beautiful dark buckskin gelding born 2013. Son of our cremello mare, Snowflake and our black stallion, Gibbson he's a good, sturdy boy that is currently 14.1 hh and should grow a little more. Chase is out on the trails and doing well. He can navigate our challenging trails with rocks, hills and water. He's well used to ATV's, motorbikes, cars and our family dog. He goes out alone or with a buddy.


Black colt born 2014. Son of our black mare Samantha and chocolate roan stallion, Four Bits.


Tita is a chocolate roan filly born in 2013. Lovely daughter of our mare China Lily and stallion Four Bits, this girl should mature to be about 15hh. Friendly and very inquisitive Tita will be an awesome trail horse like her older sister, Reba, in our ‘Sold’ section.

China Lily

China Lily is a 14.3 black daughter of Tim’s Choco and Stamper’s China. Born in 2002 Lilly was certified as a RMH brood mare when she was three. Primarily a brood mare since then Lily has always been our ‘go to’ girl for bringing the herd in from the fields for breakfast. With only a halter and lead rope Lily can be ridden in from the fields and the rest of the herd follows. Lily’s father is also the grandfather of our new stallion, Robin, so we are offering her for sale in the fall of 2015 when her foal is weaned. This year she has a very friendly blue roan colt we have named Ripley. Check out his pictures on our website.  


Pretty 2012 chocolate filly from her mother, Shortcake and stallion, Four Bits. Cookie's frame is sturdy and compact. She's friendly and easy to work with. Excellent bloodlines that include Sonny's Silver Dollar and Ben Jordan, Cookie can be a great broodmare or a fantastic trail horse.


Thurston is an amazing gelding with lots of trail experience. Born in 2012, he's a beautiful blue roan colour and currently stands 14.3hh. As one of 'Sammy's boys' he's got the intelligence, common sense and smooth gait that we've come to expect after working with many of his older brothers and sisters. Want a riding partner that will take you everywhere, be sure-footed and handles all situations with curiosity and common sense - then Thurston is your boy!


Stetson is a chocolate gelding born 2012 and currently standing at 14.3hh.  He should mature to be 15 – 15.1hh.  He’s a son of Melissa (our Doc Holiday sister) and our chocolate roan stallion, Four Bits.  His bloodlines include Dock, Graham’s Mike and Sonny.  Lovely fancy gelding that would shine in the show or on the trails. 


Louie is a 7 year old Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, black with lots of chrome and 15hh. Louie has tons of experience on the trails. He rides alone or in a group. He’s been trailered and ridden away, goes across our highway to the rail trail, down the road or through our bush and streams. Extremely friendly and loves attention. He stands well for vet and farrier and in the trailer. Lovely gelding with the Mountain Horse personality.


Gwenu is a lovely palomino filly born 2011. She’s calm, quiet and the first one up to you in the fields. Currently she stands at 14.3hh and should mature to be 15hh. Gwen is under saddle and doing well. She’s out on the trails and a pleasure to ride. Smart and sensible, rides alone, with friends or just with the family dog. She goes through water, through the woods and down the road. She’s extremely smooth and a comfortable ride.


2011 chocolate coloured colt from Northern Samantha and Blond Bart. Samantha was the easiest horse I have ever started under saddle and her foals tend to be just the same. Well built and intelligent, this family learns fast and retains everything. Blitz should mature to be 14.2 - 14.3hh.


Sparkle is our 15.1hh buckskin certified Rocky Mountain grade mare. Born in 2001 she was Colleen’s trail horse before she became a mom. Daughter of Tim’s Choco and our cremello mare, Northern Snowflake, Sparkle was ridden all over Southern Ontario on trail rides. Since she’s been a broodmare she’s given us chocolate, bay, bay roan, black, palomino and chocolate roan foals. Sparkle’s father is the grandfather of our new stallion, Robin, so we are offering Sparkle for sale in the fall of 2015 after her foal is weaned. Sparkle was saddled and bridled and ridden lightly on the trails last winter.  


Fundr is a sturdy 15hh palomino gelding born 2011.  Son of our matriarch mare, Melissa, he has the Dock bloodlines that give him a little bit of flash as well as his natural Rocky Mountain sensibility.  Fundr is under saddle and great on the trails.  He rides alone or in a group, crosses our stream to ride on the snowmobile trails, and down the road past cars, ATV’s and dogs. 

Bobbi Two Socks

click on image for more picturesBobbi Two Socks is a black six year old gelding with lots of trail miles under his belt. Bobbi is at Rocky Mountain Farm for sale by his owner who now finds she has little time for riding, with too many grandchildren to take up her time! Bobbi is 14.3hh, has the solid build of his father, Tim's Choco and great, hard feet. Bobbi has been ridden extensively alone and in groups and has been trailered and ridden in the Ganaraska Forest many times. Bobbi is great on the trails and goes everywhere you point him.


Reba is a wonderful trail horse with lots of experience. She's four years old this year and was started under saddle last summer and ridden extensively. She's smart and she's smooth. Reba has been ridden alone, with our family dog or with groups. She does well in any situation. She's got a lot of confidence on our trails and has been past cars, dogs, ATV's and some very noisy motorbikes on our roads with no trouble at all. Reba is 14.2hh, the daughter of our mare, China Lilly and our stallion, Blond Bart. She's got the wonderful common sense we've come to expect from the children and grandchildren of our old stallion, Tim's Choco and a perfect smooth gait that is easy to ride.


2011 chocolate colt from China Lilly and Blond Bart. Lilly has consistently given us easy to train foals that mature to be 14.3 - 15hh. Tag is a friendly colt and he's easy to work with. He stands well for the vet and farrier.


2012 colt from Sparkle and our stallion, Four Bits. Finnegan is an unusual bay roan colour, dark in the winter and sheds out to be light in the summer. He's the last to be born in 2012, but he's the tallest one of the group. His bloodlines include Tim's Choco, Sonny's Silver Dollar and Goldfinger. We've been working with members of Finnegan's family for 20 years now and can provide lots of references from the owners of family members as well as pictures and video.


Saddlegait's Bling is a beautiful dark chocolate mare with a flaxen mane and tail. She stands a tall 15.1hh and is five years old. Bling has been Colleen's personal riding horse for the past couple of years and is a great trail horse. Ridden primarily alone she's also been out in groups and has no problem with the dog coming along for the ride. Bling has been trailered and ridden in the Ganaraska Forest, ridden home from Burnt River and trailered alone and ridden home from Killusty Farm. She's been ridden through fields, woods and water and down our road past cars, dogs and ATV's. The last in the line from our matriarch mare Melissa (full-sister to Doc Holiday) and our stallion, Tim's Choco (son of Clemon's Tim) Bling is a great representative for the Rocky Mountain breed.


How do you spell quiet? It's 'D e m p s e y'! This 14.2hh gelding is three years old, but don't let his age fool you – he's sensible beyond belief. Dempsey was backed on a Wednesday and then taken out for a trail ride – alone!- on a Thursday. Beautiful and black, he's got his dad's pretty head and the trail sense that we've come to expect from the children of Tim's Choco. Keep an eye on this guy for 2013. He's an awesome trail horse!



2011 colt from Northern Snowflake and Blond Bart. We've had lots of foals from Snowflake over the years (including our demonstrator, Piper, and Gwen's mother, Sparkle) and Cooper is proving to be just as good as his brothers and sisters. Lovely palomino with a big blaze, he's a big boy for his age with a nice, round frame and a very friendly personality. He's easy to work with and good for the vet and farrier.

Tiger Lilly (Tilly)

click on image for more pictures Beauty and brains all in one package! Tiger Lilly is a lovely 14.2hh chocolate coloured five year old mare. She's the daughter of J.B. Roe and granddaughter of Tim's Choco. Tilly loves to trail ride and has the fantastic non-spook attitude of the Rocky Mountain Horse. She has no trouble wading through water or gaiting down our road past the dogs and ATV's. Tilly has a nice round frame, big feet for her size and her granddaddy's pretty head.

Remington / Jersey Boy

(SOLD) 2012 chocolate colt from China Lilly and Four Bits.


click on image for more picturesSaddlegait's Peaches and Cream. Lovely and elegant four year old palomino filly currently at 15.1hh and could get a little taller to finish off at 15.2hh. Full sister to our demonstrator mare, Piper, Peaches has it all – looks, temperament and a smooth gait. Peaches loves to trail ride and has lots of experience with fields, woods and water and down our country roads past cars, dogs and ATV's. Peaches is the last daughter of the Tim's Choco and Northern Snowflake pairing and she's everything that her older brothers and sisters have proved to be.


Yes, they do make them in red! Denny is a four year old gelding that currently stands at 14.2hh and could mature to be 14.3hh. He has the best 'old' bloodlines. He's a grandson of the foundation stallion, Clemon's Tim and a grandson of Dock. Denny is extra friendly and easy to work with. Don't let his age fool you. He's got the temperament we expect from a son of Tim's Choco. He loves to trail ride and has a non-spook attitude. Denny has been trail ridden extensively and mostly on his own, with our dog, Jethro bombing along beside him. He's got a trail sense that enables him to navigate all terrain with ease. He goes through woods and water and down our road past cars, dogs and lots and lots of ATV's. Denny is registered with the Rocky Mountain Horse Association and could also be registered Kentucky Mountain. Give us a call to set up a time to come and see him. Why not try red, instead?



Big, Bold and Blue!  Dillon's Desert Flower (Deseev) is a beautiful 15.2hh five year old blue roan mare registered with the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association.  Deseev is solid roan with no white.  She has some impressive Rocky Mountain bloodlines in her sire's side with Dock and Fonzie as grandparents.  Deseev is a wonderful trail horse.  She's smooth and responsive and easy to ride.  She's been trail ridden extensively alone and in groups.


Willow Pond Carma's Dream is Carol Matthew's dream horse. She's a beautiful dark chocolate 14.2hh mare that is a granddaughter of Tim's Choco and daughter of Northern Drifter. Unfortunately Carol is now giving up 'horsekeeping' and Carma has been here for a tune up and to offer her for sale. Carma is a great trail horse with lots of enthusiasm and the common sense attitude we always expect from the grandchildren of Tim's Choco. Carma loves to go out and explore and has a fast stride that soon leaves even the bigger horses trying to keep up. Carma is nine years old this year. She's certified with the Rocky Mountain Horse Association and the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association.


Colt is a four year old chocolate gelding standing at 14.2hh He s the son of J.B. Roe and grandson of Tim s Choco. Colt has been ridden extensively on the trails. He has a great trail savvy and a wonderful relaxed manner. He s been ridden past cars, ATV s, the local school bus, dogs and, last year, one momma and baby bear. (I honestly thought they were just big dogs until I shouted at them to go home. Lol) Colt has lovely big feet. He's calm and quiet on the trails and goes through fields, woods and water.


click on image for additional photo's Bandit is a 7 y.o. chocolate gelding with the flaxen mane and tail. His almost 16hh size makes him unique. Bandit is very friendly and easy to work with. He's currently in training under saddle. He turns and stops well in the round pen and I'm sure he'll be out on the trails in the next couple of weeks. He's available now at a discounted price, which will go up as his training continues.



Louie is a 3 y.o. black gelding registered with the KMSHA. When Louie first came to us as a 2 y.o. to be started I was astounded by his physical resemblance to some of our horses. When I looked at his pedigree it was really neat to see how the same grandparents (or even great-grandparents) were still contributing to the gene pool and producing these good looks. The 'rabicano' gene is what gives us the large white spots that pop up and make him a Kentucky Mtn. Saddle Horse. Louie is an extremely friendly, quiet and inquisitive horse. He's always interested in what's going on and willing to go everywhere you want. He's got lots of trail experience and gaits well. Currently 14.2hh as a three year old, he should finish 14.3 and maybe 15hh.


Spark In the dark (Sparky)

click on image for additional photo's Four year old buckskin gelding. Sparky should finish to be about 15hh. He's the son of Tim's Choco and our cremello mare Northern Snowflake. Sparky's been ridden quite a bit on the trails and has been trailered and ridden at the Ganaraska Forest. He happily goes out alone or with group. He has a nice solid walk and a smooth gait.


Blonde Bart

Some of the best known bloodlines are those of the stallion Dock, his son Choco Dock, grandson Black Bart and now we're proud to have as one of our ready to ride horses his great-grandson Blond Bart. He is a beautiful six year old 14.3hh palomino. He's double certified with the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association and the Rocky Mountain Horse Association. His mother is triple certified and also holds papers with the Mountain Pleasure Horse Association.



click on image for more picturesMargaret is a great trail horse. Her intelligence and willing manner make her a joy to ride. She loves to go on the trails and she's solid on the roads in traffic. Our country road is often busy with ATV's and I've had over 15 ATV's pass Margaret in one ride and she had no problem with any. We also quite often cross the nearby highway to travel to the rail trail and she heads out with confidence. Margaret can be ridden alone or in groups. She has a wonderful forward walk and a slow, smooth gait. Pretty black mare that currently stands 14.2hh. She has some of the oldest RMH bloodlines in her pedigree, Northern Samantha / Tim's Choco, and the temperament and conformation that made the Rocky Mountain Horse a popular mount.


click on image for additional photo's Sparkle's third baby has the same big blaze as her mom and her older two siblings She's a beautiful chocolate filly and already very friendly and easy to work with. This is an amazing family and we like them so much we've got Sparkle, her sister Piper and mother, Northern Snowflake, as members of our family. Well gaited and great on the trails! Sensible, sure-footed horses.