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Posted by Peter Lindsay on Monday, September 24, 2018

Rocky Mountain Farm is Canada's largest and most experienced Rocky Mountain Horse breeder. Colleen has been involved in breeding and training Rocky Mountain Horses for over 20 years and over 240 Rocky Mountain babies have been born under Colleen's watchful care.

From the time the Rocky Mountain Horse weanlings are first born they are handled daily. They are a joy to work with as their friendly attitude and inquisitive nature soon has them running up to people in the field for attention.

At Rocky Mountain Farm, we concentrate on preparing the horse for the trail and do not consider it a finished mount until it can be safely ridden through field and forest, on roads, past vehicles, alone or in groups. After starting the horses with ground driving and round-pen work, the balance of their training takes place "in the real world", on the trails, not in an arena. Most of the horses we sell as weanlings are returned to be put under saddle.

We have started over 180 Mountain horses under saddle here at the farm. Many of the horses offered for sale are the offspring, the sisters or brothers of those that have been started in past years, so we can often offer references from previous purchasers and videos of members of the family of any horse that you might be interested. Having the experience of working with family groups of my horses helps us to match a prospective buyer with an appropriate riding horse. We can confidently predict size and temperament of a young horse to make sure it will be suitable for it's new owner.

Colleen is, and was one of Canada's first, Rocky and Kentucky Mountain Horse examiners and quite often has her expertise sought out by others concerning the breed and gaited training methodology.

Visit our Customer Letters and About Rockies pages for some additional information about us and this great breed.


Katie out on Playboy doing some eventing training.

Colleen and Bling with Julie and Billy out for a winter ride.


Fall Ride with Piper, Bling and Billy.



Colleen and Julie out for a trail ride at Saddlegait with Billy/Piper/Jethro


Krista / Bella, Sandra / DC and Colleen on Bobby Two Socks.


Colleen out for a hack on Louie with Julie and Billie.


Katie on Ali, 2010 OHTA JUNIOR TRAINING DIVISION CHAMPION!! So proud of our little girl.


Rocky Mountain Farm's Midnight Express, OHTA Junior Entry Division Champion, ridden by Laryssa Kimble of Killusty Farm. Rockies can do anything!!


Colleen on Deseev, from Alberta, at Rocky Mountain Farm for gait training.


Bunny getting her feet trimmed by Colleen.


April hack through local pond, not a chore for our Piper
Colleen on Piper making the water crossing in April, 2009.

Located about two hours north-east of Toronto, in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes region, is Rocky Mountain Farm. This 180 acre parcel of land we call Saddlegait is the new home to Rocky Mountain Farm. The farm has access to miles and hundreds of acres of scenic trails for pleasure riding and training here and on neighbouring property. Lightly travelled country roads are available and we’re only minutes from the Victoria Rail Trail that leads north to Kinmount or south to Fenelon Falls.

Katie, Piper and Jethro - photo by Christina Handley

Stallion J.B. Roe, trained by Colleen, on cover of Horse Canada and Sparkle one of our breeding mares on the cover of Horse Illustrated (even at 5 months pregnant). Both photo's by Christina Handley.

Each spring the new foals arrive. There's usually between six to nine babies, depending on the year, some which may be sold as weanlings. The balance are kept and trained under saddle, generally being offered for sale as three year-olds. The Rocky Mountain Horse is very hardy. They foal on pasture and live outside all year. They are fed outside in winter from round bale feeders and very seldom make use of the run shelters available to them, even in a driving snow storm with temperatures around zero. All the horses vision status is guaranteed. We have a select few mares with quality foals every spring. Bloodlines such as Dock, Clemon’s Tim, Sewell’s Sam and Goldfinger are prized for the old Mountain Horse conformation and temperament. Horses are available as weanlings, yearlings and riding horses with trail experience. The Rocky Mountain Horse is very hardy. They have access to 24 hour pasture or hay in the winter and are fed grain and vitamins daily.

Calm and quiet SamD with a four year old visitor.

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