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“Hi Peter and Colleen......just wanted to write a few words about Carma. Well it's been almost 8 months ago that I visited your farm to look at a horse you had for sale. What a day that was...........it was the beginning of a great part of my riding dreams. As you know, I had a couple injuries and thought maybe I should give up the sport I so loved. I did, but only for just under a year. Thanks to my great friends (Chris and Denise), at Sandaraska Park, they let me ride their beautiful Friesan and of course I was hooked again. I just couldn't give up riding permanently! Carma is now Jacquie's Dream Horse! I can't even put it into words how much I love this girl! We were meant for each other. The day I was at your farm I felt so comfortable on her – even though I had never ridden a Rocky Mountain. I sure see why they call it "The Glide Ride". We spent most of last summer riding in the Ganaraska Forest and in September we moved to a barn that backs on to the Central Forest in the Ganny. This winter has been awesome for getting out on the trails. Perfect footing (for just about the whole winter) and dressing accordingly to the weather has allowed us to get out on a lot of fantastic rides. We've put so many miles on and have come across many obstacles. Carma has been the perfect horse! The most she'll do is 'spook on the spot'. She just takes a look and carries on with our ride. We've gone out in different size groups - larger groups, two of us, and alone. Carma has been in all positions on the trail – lead, middle, and end and just carries on in stride. For anybody, especially us more mature riders – lol, wanting to have the ride of their life go and try out a Rocky. Make sure to visit Rocky Mountain Farm in Fenelon Falls. You'll never look back. It will be the best decision of your life! I know a few people who have purchased Rockies from Peter and Colleen and everyone couldn't be more pleased. Peter and Colleen --- I can't thank you enough for all the help you provided for me when I was looking to purchase my horse. Your knowledge, friendship, personal attention to detail, and continued support is priceless ---- just like "Owing a Rocky.....................priceless!"


“Hello Colleen and Peter, just couldn't wait to get home tonight to share my AWESOME first ride on Pretty Boy this afternoon. I rode with Christine (my boarder) she was on a mare and me on Pretty Boy. We rode for a couple hours down dirt roads, through trails and most awesome.....he went through TWO creeks!! He barely hesitated! We had trucks, cars etc. coming up behind us, dogs barking all over and past many farms with tractors and combines going! The only time he spooked was when we went past a field with some cows and a young calf popped up out of the grass. He was somewhat 'prancy' when I first took him out of his paddock (he is now sharing it with a gelding and a MARE!) but quickly calmed down once we headed down the road. On the way back he wasn't sure which farm we were going to so he did a lot of looking around and the funniest thing was when we were almost home we passed the neighbouring farm where they had miniture horses and donkeys....who started running along their fence line and Pretty Boy started gaiting. It felt awesome....like I was floating! Christine was so impressed with his gaiting and his temperment that she is now considering a gaited horse! lol! His favourite part of the ride and when I could really feel he was relaxed and enjoying himself was when we went into the bush and went threw deep 'grass' and under tree limbs. He was AWESOME!! I had a wonderful time and I know I have many more wonderful days ahead as we learn and bond together!! Thank you for such a wonderful horse!!


“It was September, 2009 when I started to look for a horse for myself and I was very interested in the gaited horses as they are such a nice smooth ride for someone a little older like myself. I knew of other horses that gaited but had never heard of the Rocky Mountain Horse. I was very happy to discover that there was a Rocky Mountain Farm in the Fenelon Falls area and right away I sent Colleen and Peter an email to arrange a time to visit their farm and meet the horses. That is when I first met the beautiful black gelding, SamD. I was concerned when they told me he was only 3 years old as I thought that a green rider like myself could never handle a young horse. Colleen and Peter assured me that the Rocky Mountain Horses are a calmer, sensible breed and that they do a 4 foot plant when they are startled instead of running off with you (which I was more used to in other horses). I had some other horse experts advise me against getting such a young horse, so at that time, I informed Colleen and Peter that I was going to do a little more looking around to try to find one a little older. They said that was fine but feel free to come and visit the farm anytime and help Peter with the young horses. Well, of course I took them up on their offer and would go out about once a week to get to know all the horses, spend some time helping Peter feed them in the mornings and of course, spend a little time with SamD. In my heart, I knew he was the one for me and in December, he became my horse. Our barn was not ready and my husband did not have a horse yet to keep SamD company, so we arranged to board at the Rocky Mountain Farm until Spring. Over the course of the next three months, in the freezing cold winter, I would go out to the farm and spend time with Peter and we would work with SamD together just to spend time with him and get to know him. Once Spring arrived, it was time for me to start riding. I was pretty nervous and at first, Peter and I would saddle SamD and go for long walks in the fields and woods with me in the saddle and Peter leading him on a lead rope. It wasn’t long before I would ride SamD with Peter and Jethro their dog walking along beside us. During April, Colleen spent time with me while I rode SamD in the round pen and in no time, I was experiencing that wonderful gait. I have never experienced such a wonderful ride, it is such a pleasure. Colleen and Peter went above and beyond to teach me that I could enjoy riding and not be afraid of the horse bolting. I also was learning that SamD was such a good horse, he gave me so much confidence. By the end of May, I was getting pretty anxious to bring SamD home but we still didn’t have another horse to keep him company. Colleen and Peter offered to let one of the younger horses that they were not working with at the time, come to our farm with SamD for however long it took until we found another horse. So, in the middle of June, Colleen and Peter trailered SamD and Hawkeye to our farm. The two horses made themselves at home in no time. I would ride SamD around our acreage while my husband lead Hawkeye. A few weeks later my husband’s horse arrived and Hawkeye went home to Rocky Mountain Farm. SamD and his new friend, a quarter horse named Armstrong, are best of friends. I can state with all honesty, that if I didn’t have my Rocky Mountain Horse, SamD, I probably would not be riding at all. He has been trained so well and had such a good upbringing. He is such a good horse, very willing and obedient at all times. HE IS MY BLACK BEAUTY.


“ Hi Colleen:
I just came in from our daily ride.
Today I must email you to let you know how happy I am with this horse.
I would like to let you know that this boy is beyond my expectations!!
(Words cannot describe what I feel for this horse.)
He is everything you said and more.
Thank you.

“As a 'new' horse owner it was re-assuring to have Colleen guide our very first horse purchase. She made us feel at ease right away and provided all the information any new horse owner needs. Three years later I can't begin to tell you how happy we are with our Rockies! A lot of people sell horses, Colleen's handling, breeding expertise, and nurturing guarantees a wonderful experience that will last. We're so impressed that we're going to take 2 more!

Derrick Sweet-Chairman & Founder
Healthy Wealthy and Wise Corporation

“To All: We purchased a Rocky Mountain Horse through an advertisement that we found on a local internet site in September 2009. We only went to “look” at the mare. The next day, she came home. When we picked her up, we were given her registration papers. After the dust settled, we had time to research the original breeder information from her papers. Our goal was to find a second Rocky to purchase the following summer, ideally, being of some relation to the first prize possession that we could trail ride without hesitation. We had many questions…. the list was endless. The only fear about the initial contact was rejection since we did not purchase this horse from the breeder Rocky Mountain Farm after all. Our first email was the beginning of many. We were sent baby pictures, pictures of her parents, and many more relative photos. We received an invitation to the farm, which we did not pass up. Never, have we felt so at ease or comfortable with two people and about twenty five beautiful, happy horses surrounding us at one time. Amazing, truly amazing!! We were invited in for a tea, having a great time hearing about the different Rockies, and the relatives to our horse, Bella. Rockies are addictive! In December of 2009, once again, we heard of some Rockies that had come up for sale. We contacted Colleen about the mares that we were interested in as both had originally come from the Rocky Mountain Farm. Not surprised, she was a wealth of information. Colleen and Peter accompanied us to “look” at the horses, taking 4 hours out of their busy schedule. This resulted in the purchase of D.C. aka Dixie Chick. D.C. is currently boarding at Rocky Mountain Farm until spring. Having boarded horses at other places, we never worry about her safety or well being. We know that she is taken care of, and “Saint Peter” (as he is affectionately known) always has a pocket full of treats for all the horses. Even though we didn’t directly purchase our two girls from Colleen, she and Peter have gone above and beyond with their wealth of knowledge, experience, and common sense attitude. Both she and Peter have welcomed us (horses included) with open arms. We met two wonderful people, who I consider great friends all due to two beautiful Rocky Mountain Horses. If you are interested in Rockies, give the Rocky Mountain Farm a call. You won’t be disappointed. Beautiful horses, amazing people!! Enjoy the ride.

Sandra & Krista .

Letter from Sandra in Ormstown, Quebec

“I am really very pleased with Beau and everyone who meets him loves him. He is a rarity around here to the vets as well as the blacksmiths they had never seen a Rocky Mountain Horse and so far his reputation is as good as gold. He never gives them any trouble. He is outstanding and a pleasure to own. I found Colleen on the web when I was looking for a horse. I read about the Rocky Mountain Horses on the web and found it hard to beleive I thought it was just a sales pitch. So we went to vist Colleen to see what the horses were really like. (7 hour drive). Well it seemed to good to be true but it was. The following week we were back to pick up our horse and what they say about the Rocky Mountain is not a sales pitch it is all true.

Thanks for the sweet horse Colleen .

“As a 'new' horse owner it was re-assuring to have Colleen guide our very first horse purchase. She made us feel at ease right away and provided all the information any new horse owner needs. Three years later I can't begin to tell you how happy we are with our Rockies! A lot of people sell horses, Colleen's handling, breeding expertise, and nurturing guarantees a wonderful experience that will last. We're so impressed that we're going to take 2 more!

Derrick Sweet-Chairman & Founder
Healthy Wealthy and Wise Corporation

“Dear Colleen:
We are pleased that you have updated your website and seem to have wonderful services planned for your customers this year. With your permission I would like to send our endorsement and testimony of your horsewomanship, (if there is such a word).

I am 73 years old and my wife Sharon is 15 years younger and we decided about 12 years ago to get back into horses, specifically for trail riding. We did some research on the type of horse would suit our need and also take into account that we had not been riding for many years. We took some refresher lessons on a variety of breeds but none seem to fit our needs.

During a visit to the Royal Agriculture Fair in 1998 we had the pleasure of watching a demonstration of a Rocky Mountain Saddle horse in the main arena. The horse's name was Choco Dock and he was ridden by a very capable young man who turned out to be the grandson of one of the largest breeders of Rocky Mountain horses in the USA.

We subsequently visited their farm in Kentucky and was sold on the breed. Our next dilemma was to find a reliable breeder in Canada.

We bought our first Rocky Mountain horse just weeks later, but she was too young to ride so we wanted a mature horse and a quick search on the net disclosed that a local farm had a horse for sale which seem to me to be just what I wanted.

This is when we first had the pleasure of meeting Colleen. I thought all I had to do was drive up to her farm, look at the horse, ooh and ahh, maybe kick its hoof or look under it's tail, plunk down my money and off I go with this wonderful horse.

I soon learned that it wasn't going to be that simple because they had no intentions of selling me this horse until they were satisfied I was a suitable rider and or could provide a good home. We went out for a trail ride but I was not given the mount I wished to purchased but another one which seem to me to be totally bomb proofed. After the ride we were treated to tea and biscuits and I was invited to ride this horse in an enclosed paddock.

I still own and ride this wonderful but quirky horse. Since we first met Colleen and purchased that horse from her we have sent two mares to be started trained and certified, sent two of our mares to her for breeding and acquired a beautiful filly called Cricket who was sired by her great stallion. We will now be sending Cricket to Colleen for training as soon as she can fit her into her busy schedule.

There isn't enough words we can say which can adequately describe our feelings and confidence we have for Colleen Wood.

Purchase a horse, have a horse trained and certified, send your mare for breeding, take lessons, or just meet her and I will guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Don and Sharon Woodrow
Sweetwood Horse Farm
Cannington, Ontario

“Howdy! All

Therese and I (Ron) have owned three Mountain horses purchased from Colleen Wood. We first met Colleen at an Ontario Trail Riders Association (OTRA) ride at the Ganaraska Forest. We were blown away with the quiet, easy temperament of the Mountain horse she had. We went to the farm and started riding the horses and really enjoyed the gait. At this time we owned a Standard bred and an Arab. When I had to put my Standard bred down, Therese and I started looking for a horse. We decided after a long search to purchase two Mountain Horses. We purchased a two and a half year old chestnut called Maximum Overdrive. Max is a wonderful horse, who has many times changed my mind about chestnuts. Therese says she no longer rides her horse, she goes for the ride. The other Mountain Horse was a weanling when purchased. His name is Northern Nugget and he will go where you aim him. We have used Nugget at Birthday Parties and he loves kids. Nugget learned to drive in a week and is very quiet around other horses and people. The third Mountain Horse we purchased was three years old and bought as a summer project. Flaming Arrow, at three and ridden for the 9th time, was put in a Parade in Uxbridge. On the 12th time out he was in a demonstration to see how quiet a trail horse has to be, he passed with flying colours and is now in London. Colleen has helped us get both horses certified. Colleen is a great rider and an excellent trainer. She is one of the best horse women in the country and a person who is not scared to tell you when you do something wrong. A while back someone said,” I can train a horse for me to ride, but can I train you to ride my horse”. Colleen can do both and is very good at what she does. Colleen is great at answering any and all questions, either by phone or e-mail.

Happy Trails

Ron and Therese
Little Britain, Ontario

"Hi Colleen, I would just like to thank you again for helping me find my “perfect” horse. Chesney, a.k.a. White Sox has blossomed into a beautiful 4 year old gelding with the smarts and attitude of a much older horse.

He has wowed old quarter horse die-hards because of his willingness, calmness, surefootedness and confidence wherever he goes. We have been in a parade, out on the trails, climbed challenging hills and crossed chest deep water and Chesney has taken it all in stride.

I would really like to thank you also Colleen for your expertise as an exceptional trainer. Chesney has impeccable manners both on the ground and when he is being ridden. The fact that he “gives”so well to pressure is invaluable. Thank you also for training him for his certification video and giving me a horse with that “glide ride”.

Thank you also for being a great teacher who was so patient with me while I was getting over my fear of riding due to an accident with that crazy paint mare that I owned. Riding Chesney for the first time with you through your trails while turkey hunters were firing away in the next bush I actually started to relax with this incredibly confident 2 year old who took care of me.

I also appreciated you educating me about all of your horses and their particular breeding and “traits” and for getting to know me as well so that Chesney and I could have that perfect fit. From the first time I met you when a friend brought me to your farm, you took the time to tell me about all of your horses especially those two sweet weanlings (of course Chesney was one of them) that I took a shine to. Even though at the time I wasn’t in the market for a Rocky you were so friendly and informative.

Your incredible “after the sale” support has also been treasured. You have given me great advice about saddle fitting and using a hackamore vs. a bit for Chesney. Of course you also have been so sweet listening to my ‘horsey” talk in all those e-mails. I called you to find a horse and I gained a friend as well as getting the horse of my dreams.

Thank you again!

Rebecca Merritt
Dover Centre, Ont

“I was in my 50's when I decided I wanted the glide-ride of a gaited horse and so began my research into breeds. It did not take long before I decided on the Rocky Mountain \ Kentucky Mountain Horse. So began my breeder research. The moment I met Colleen my search was over. I knew this was where I would purchase my dream horse. Colleen takes the time to match up horse and rider so after heading out on the trail on several occasions with Colleen my decision was made. Sachmo and I have had many wonderful rides together. He is brave, sensible, careful and looks after his rider. It has always been a comfort to know that Colleen offers a re-training program any time you may need it but best of all I made many new friends - Colleen, her family and my wonderful horse.“

Trish Timmins,
Fenwick, Ontario

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