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Our photo gallery displays photo's taken by us and our customers of our great Rockies.

Peter's images are for sale through his website at www.peterlindsayphotography.com as well as Fine Art America (you can click on link below). Please see his website for details and feel free to like his facebook page to see daily images of Rocky Mountain Horses.


Girls enjoying the spring thaw.



Peaches and Gwenu.




Sleeping Piper.


Peaches and Gwenu




Colleen and Katie out on Dempsey and Denny


Finnegan and Gwenu.

Out for a fall hack at Saddlegait.

Sarah, one of our mares.

Katie and Colleen out on Piper and Bling.

Remington, our oldest baby 2012.

Denny and Blitz.


Jethro giving newborn Finnegan a kiss.


The boys coming in for breakfast.

Rocky Mountain Horse hack
Merry Christmas from Rocky Mountain Farm

fall Rocky Mountain Horse
Our beautiful Bunny.

fall hill rocky mountain horse
Bunny's weanling Couper, a friendly boy is he....

Rocky Mountain Horse hack
Bella and DC back for a ride at Saddlegait.

fall Rocky Mountain Horse
Colleen and Piper enjoying the fall sun.

fall hill rocky mountain horse
Colt in the morning hillside sun.

Julie out for a fall hack on Billy.

rocky mountain horse eye
Rocky Mountain Horse eye.

rocky mountain horse fall hack
Colleen and Julie out for a fall hack.


Katie on her way back to the trailer.

Katie working on Ali before cross country course event.


Boys being boys.


Piper in the fall colours.

Peaches with an early morning misty itch.

Four Bits, our stallion..

Dempsey, one of our yearlings.

Couper running with the boys.


Blond Bart at sunset.

Splash heading for breakfast.


Two of this summer babies hanging out with Melissa.

Couper running in sequence.

Sparky gaiting around the pond with his new owner, remember heels down when you ride.

Jethro loves everyone.

Jethro kisses for one of the new chcolate babies.

Jethro was kissing everyone from the first day he arrived.

Couper portrait.

Sarah, one of our mares.

Colleen and Blitz.

Fall Hack with Jethro

Fall 2009

Julie having a blast on Billy.



Rocky Mountain Horse eventingKatie Wood, on her Rocky Mountain Farm horse called Xman, appearing on the Rocky Mountain Horse Association website, click image for view.


Rocky Mountain Horse eventing


Katie out for a hack, photo by Christina Handley




Colleen and Peter at a OTRA trail ride with Rockies in training

Peter and Colleen getting for trail ride after camping out overnight with the horses.



Colleen on J.B.

Lee Gobeil's Rocky Mountain Horse Fonzi being driven

Lee Gobeil's Rocky Mountain Horse Fonzi being driven.


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